Intellectual Capital Shared

Discovery is focused on building positive leadership in South Africa. Faced with complex challenges, we believe our success as a country will be determined by positive leadership across government, business and civil society to liberate its potential. In line with this thinking, the Discovery Leadership Summit is an endeavour in our continuing efforts to elevate and inspire great leadership by bringing together global leaders and thinkers in business, politics, science and academia to stimulate excellent thinking, inject positivity, stir debate and consequently - shape leadership thinking.

Discovery believes that the only way to deal with the economic, political and social challenges in the world is to apply our minds and share intellectual capital.

The Discovery Leadership Summit presents some of the world’s leading thinkers, sharing their intellectual capital at this year’s Summit. We also have various other ways that we will be sharing the intellectual capital this year:

Adam Morgan and the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS)

Not only will Adam Morgan be sharing his intellectual capital at the Leadership Summit, but he will also be presenting to a marketing group at GIBS prior to the Summit. Adam will explore the research and thinking around the development of the book he is currently writing – A Beautiful Constraint.

Students and faculty

This year we have taken numerous steps to open up our conference to as broad an audience as possible. In line with this thinking we will be inviting 100 students and faculty to share in the intellectual capital of our speakers.

Discovery Leadership Summit 2012

If you were unable to attend the last Summit we have included an archive of material that may interest you.

  • Speaker summaries of the Intellectual Capital Shared by our local and international speakers at the 2012 Discovery Leadership Summit.
  • Speaker presentation - Michael Porter’s 2012 presentation on a model of "creating shared value" between business and society.
  • McKinsey & Company's latest research on how African policy makers and business leaders can together develop strategies to significantly boost job creation by 2020.
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