Business and Arts South Africa

Art ultimately encourages the sharing of intellectual capital and provides additional avenues of understanding. It is a manifestation of human creativity – a pinnacle of critical thinking and creative co-operation.

At this year’s Discovery Leadership Summit, we are pleased to have on display installations from some of South Africa’s leading contemporary artists, including William Kentridge, Lucas Bambo, Katherine Bull, Marco Cianfanelli, Gabisile Nkosi and many others. These arrangements reveal the world through the eyes of each artist, providing a profound glimpse into the social pulse of our country.

This intriguing compilation features art arrangements under the themes: connection; collaboration and voice.

“Connection” highlights the way in which these artists are intrigued by humanity’s connection with the natural universe, how our brains function and interpret what we see, and the way in which archaeologists have shown us the history and development of mankind.

“Collaboration” looks at how projects in the art world share information to produce collaborative images.

“Voice” provides an African perspective on how art is used as a narrative to teach communities about their history.

As a passionate advocate of intellectual leadership, we are proud to support the vision of elevating South Africa’s rich art heritage and talent and to emphasise its relevance and importance.